Airport Ground Handling


Passenger Handling

  • Ticketing 

Issuance, documentation,reconfirmation. Ticketing offices for airline representation at departure hall at Thessaloniki,Mykonos, Santorini and Heraklion.

  • Check in

Advance check in.Boarding pass issuance.Dangerous goods check in handluggage. Fast track check in at extra cost.Baggage porter service available.Service for PRMs,UMs, MAAS,Medical cases.

  • Lounge 

Escort, access to bussiness lounge at extra cost, irrespective of time, flight, class.

  • Boarding

Clearance at security area. Escort, Pre, Post boarding if needed.

  • Baggage transfer

Transportation services arranged for delayed or unaccompanied baggage. Customs clearance and delivery of baggage safety to passenger's final destination with the most reliable means (companies), X-rays, guarding.

  • VIP transfer 

Reception at meeting point. Transportation of passengers to/from and in the airport by VIP automobiles.

  • Various services 

Hotel accommodation, car rental, guided tours.


Aircraft Handling

  • Parking
  • Marshalling, vehicles' approach
  • Offloading/Loading
  • Offboarding/Boarding
  • Ground equipment
  • Fueling

Providing fuel at the most competitive prices under our company contracts, in cooperation with the local fuel companies

  • Deicing/Antiicing
  • Catering

Providing catering services at the most competitive prices under our company contracts, in cooperation with the local companies following the specific needs and instructions of the carrier.

  • Security

Security sealing and guarding services  for business aircrafts.

  • Load control
  • Ad hoc flights

Arranging the various prerequisites for unscheduled flights.

  • Emergencies
  • Documentation


Crew Services

  • Briefing and support facilities 

Take necessary action as specified by the carrier.

Crew briefing facilities with telephone, fax, e-mai and telex

Mobile telephone for engineer or other crew requested by airline.

Networking and flight planning and Dispatching, Load sheet, DGR, Meteo charts.

  • Escort

Meet and assist services at departure/arriva.l

Escort crew through airport facilities/fast track.

  • Transportation

VIP transportation to/from airport at arranged pick up/drop off times.

Car rental if requested by airline.

  • Accommodation

Handling of crew accommodation as per carrier's instructions.

  • Docummentation 

General decleration, other documents.

Distribution of relevant information provided by carrier.

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