Supervision Handling Services include:


1.3 Supervision and/or Co-ordination

1.3.1 (a) Supervise

         (b) Co-ordinate services contracted by the Handling Agent with third party (ies)

1.3.2 Provide Turnaround coordinator (TRC)

1.3.3 Ensure that the third party (ies) is (are) informed about operational data and Handling Agency’s requirements in a timely manner.

1.3.4 Liaise with the Handler’s designated subcontracted party (ies)

1.3.5 Verify availability and preparedness of personnel, equipment, Loads, documentation of third party (ies).

1.3.6 Meet aircraft upon arrival and liaise with crew.

1.3.7 Decide on non-routine matters.

1.3.8 Verify dispatch of operational messages.

1.3.9 Note irregularities and inform the Handler.


In addition to the above


Supervision at Arrival:


  • Welcome at the aircraft passengers and crew
  • PPR (UPTO 3 PER FLIGHT FREE. Every additional 10 EURO)
  • SLOT request 25 EURO EACH
  • Supervise Passengers and Crew transportation to the Terminal Building
  • Supervise baggage offloading and secure fast delivery
  • Fast immigration procedure through Passport Control and Customs
  • Liaise Passengers and crew to transfer arrangements
  • Supervise Ramp Services offered by local subcontracted handling companies (marshalling at arrival & departure, placement and removal of chocks, delivery of flight documentation between aircraft and airport buildings, interior cleaning services, toilet service, water service, loading & unloading and any other subcontracted activities)
  • Report via Check List all basic and extra services agreed with the Handler.

Supervision at Departure:

  • Pre-arrangements and Welcome of Passengers and Crew outside the Terminal Building
  • Escort Passengers and Crew securing fast Passport Control, Customs and Duty-Free return tax procedure.
  • Escort Passengers to the Lounge if requested
  • Escort Crew to Briefing Room
  • Supervise Passengers and Crew transportation to the Aircraft
  • Liaise with Catering company(ies)
  • Supervise baggage and catering loading 
  • Secure documentation handed to Crew (meteo, Notam, cross-check-est zfw)
  • Liaise with fuel-suppliers
  • Check List Report of subcontracted Handler’s activities
  • Supervise post-flight procedure of subcontracted Handler (MVT, etc)
  • Report via Check List all basic and extra services agreed with subcontracted Handler
  • Keep file and log book 


Services not included in the above list are provided at extra cost.

  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Transfer
  • Car Rental (with or without driver)
  • CIP Lounge
  • Air Tickets


Aircraft Handling / Supervision Services 


  • Parking
    • Marshalling, vehicles’ approach.
  • Offloading/Loading
  • Offboarding/Boarding
  • Ground equipment
  • Fueling
    • Providing fuel at the most competitive prices under our company contracts, in cooperation with the local fuel companies.
  • Deicing/Antiicing
  • Catering
    • Providing catering services at the most competitive prices under our company contracts, in cooperation with the local companies following the specific needs and instructions of the carrier.
  • Security
    • Security sealing and guarding services for business aircrafts.
  • Load control
  • Ad hoc flights
    • Arranging the various prerequisites for unscheduled flights.
  • Emergencies
  • Documentation


Crew Services


  • Briefing and support facilities
    • Take necessary action as specified by the carrier.
    • Crew briefing facilities with telephone, fax, E-mail and telex.
    • Mobile telephone for engineer or other crew requested by airline.
    • Networking and flight planning and Dispatching, Load sheet, DGR, Meteo charts.
  • Escort
    • Meet and Assist services at departure/arrival.
    • Escort crew through airport facilities/fast track.
  • Transportation
    • VIP transportation to/from airport at arranged pick up/drop off times.
    • Car rental if requested by airline.
  • Accommodation
    • Handling of crew accommodation as per carrier’s instructions.
  • Documentation               
    • General declaration, other documents.
    • Distribution of relevant information provided by carrier.


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